In his own words, Charles Joly on the launch of Crafthouse Cocktails

Now that the pieces are in place and our launch is right around the corner, please allow me to take a moment to introduce you to Crafthouse Cocktails! I’d love to invite you to “like” our page and follow this endeavor with us.

Like so many ideas that start at the bar, jotted down on guest checks and bev naps that fill our pockets at the end of a long shift of bartending- the idea for Crafthouse was conceived with co-founder Matt Lindner.

Making fresh, balanced cocktails and creating a welcoming environment is second nature to all of us in the hospitality world- this is our passion and we have made it our life’s work. We asked ourselves if we could take our knowledge of ingredients, cocktails and balance and pass that on to folks when they’re not in our bar.

From the beginning, it was imperative that I had 100% control over recipes and ingredients we would use. Crafthouse works because of this. The process was seemingly simple- I made the cocktails at my home bar, broke down the recipes and we would scale everything up to produce a large batch for bottling.

It took months to track down all of the best ingredients. I tasted through countless samples of tequila, gin, vodka, ginger etc. I was able to build the three initial cocktails with great success and know that we’ll be able to deliver a sipping experience as close to a cocktail crafted at the bar as possible.

Making this a product with integrity was paramount. Also simple- don’t put anything in the bottle you are embarrassed to talk about. This confused more than a few folks in the food industry and bottling facilities we spoke with. They all offered short cuts that would make the process less expensive, make the product last longer etc etc…..they didn’t get what were doing at all.

After a long search, we tracked down a couple of independent individuals that would work within our small scale and take the extra steps needed to create these cocktails the way we wanted. I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be preparing the first batches in the coming weeks and we will be available in Chicago in mid July!

Thanks for sitting in on this long winded post! I look forward to sharing the experience with you as we roll out Crafthouse. Cheers!

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