Nine reasons you’ll love Crafthouse Cocktails

Crafthouse is just weeks away from launching in Chicago area liquor stores and through online sales.  Here are nine reasons why we think you’ll love them.

  1. They are all natural.  No preservatives of any kind.
  2. They taste great.  In fact, you will find that our cocktails are as close as you can get to having a mixologist make them for you.
  3. Our Moscow Mule is made with organic ginger beer.
  4. All of our drinks were created by a bartender, not conceptualized in a boardroom by people who are only concerned with how cheap they can make a bottled beverage.  We won’t put anything out there that we aren’t proud of.
  5. Every drink is gluten free.
  6. These aren’t mixers.  To enjoy them you literally have to just open them up and pour them over a glass of ice.
  7. We didn’t set out to be a low calorie drink, but because we are all natural it happened that way. 
  8. Any of our bottles will make for a great alternative to the wine bottle if you are heading to a party and it’s a great conversation starter.
  9. We aren’t trying to replace the bartender, but if you want to have that same quality at your house party or tailgate or hanging out on the lawn at Ravinia this is the next best thing.

 Check back soon for official launch details!

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