Seven Questions We Get About Crafthouse Cocktails


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or cocktail soirée with Crafthouse as the celebrity guest, sipping on the cocktails at an event, or sampling them for the first time at your favorite retailer; knowing the story and craftsmanship that went into creating these three classic craft cocktails brings with it a sense of familiarity, authenticity and respect between the brand and its consumers. With all new products that come into the market, especially ones unlike any other, consumers tend to have many questions. We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions every Crafthouse junkie is itching to know.

1. Who makes this drink?
The biggest difference between Crafthouse and other products is the authenticity. Our drinks were made by a bartender who has a trained palate and takes very seriously putting his name behind these cocktails.

Charles Joly, world renowned and award winning mixologist, is known for his rock star appearance and “mad scientist” approach toward creating the perfect cocktail. Charles has overseen the opening of seven establishments in three states, and has won several titles and prestigious awards: Tales of the Cocktail American Bartender of the year in 2013, James Beard Award, winner of season 2 of NBC’s “On the Rocks” reality show and Chicago Tribune Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year to name a few. When he isn’t traveling or competing he spends his time heading up the beverage program at the Aviary, one of the most acclaimed cocktail venues in the world.

2. Why is Crafthouse made in Canada?
Over the two year process of which Charles worked to develop the Crafthouse brand and recipes they were not able to find a facility in the US that had both a spirits license and could accommodate the brand’s pasteurization needs for the fresh juices as well as the hand-labeling bottle application. Finally, Charles and Matt found a small, brother-­owned craft hard cider distillery in Montreal that was comfortable with handling the natural and gluten-free ingredients and nimble enough to take on the additional needs of the product.

3. What is the price point per bottle?
Crafthouse Cocktails are sold at around $19.99 at retailers with each bottle pouring a little over 6 cocktails.

4. What is the alcohol content and calories per bottle?
The ABV (alcohol content) can be found on the label of each cocktail. The Alcohol percentage and calories per serving in the Moscow Mule is 10.1% with 175 calories and the Paloma contains 12.5% alcohol and 130 calories while the Southside has 151 calories at 15.4% alcohol content each cocktail contain both the alcohol percentage and calories similar to what each cocktail would contain when served at your favorite cocktail lounge. The important thing to remember for everyone concerned with counting calories and sugar in their diet is that all sugars and calories come from all-natural and gluten-free ingredients as opposed to the sugary and syrup mixers used by some other brands that were created in a boardroom and not by a bartender.

5. Should I refrigerate my Crafthouse bottle after I open it?
Yes! Crafthouse cocktails have a one year shelf life and once opened should be refrigerated. Due to the fresh ingredients and carbonation, the cocktails are best enjoyed within 7-10 days after the bottle is first opened. Before it’s opened it does not need to be kept cool.

6. What is the sediment at the bottom of the bottle?
What you’re seeing at the bottom is the sediment from the all-­natural ingredients. The Moscow Mule has a bit more than the other two from the ginger and lime. However tempting it may be remember not to shake the bottle due to the slight carbonation therefore, instead simply roll the bottle 2-3 times until the ingredients are fully distributed

7. How should I garnish each drink and is it necessary?
Garnished always dress up a cocktail as well as enhance the flavor and aroma of a drink. The Southside is served with a “spanked” mint or a lime. When spanked the mint releases its essential oils and distinct smell. To spank a mint simply place the mint flat in the palm of your hand and give it a good “wack”! For the Paloma, a light salted rim and lime are great garnishes and the Moscow Mule is served best with a lime or cinnamon stick.

CHEERS! And remember, Crafthouse is always best enjoyed when served over ice.

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