When is the Paloma coming?


The number one question we get is “When is your Paloma coming out?” It’s a hot drink right now and we are optimistic because the small batches we’ve created taste great.

The answer is hopefully really soon, probably by the end of September. Here’s the longer answer as to why you can’t get it right now.

Our background is in making drinks. At the bar, we get our tequila from our distributor. To make a Paloma that we can bottle, Charles Joly went to Mexico and sourced a specific Agave field in the city of Tequila. Charles is great because he won’t work with just any product. He feels that this is the best tequila we could have gotten. We are working with www.autenticatequilera.com.

Once the provider was identified, we had to place our order. It’s not like our vodka and gin which are made here in the USA. You can only get real tequila from Mexico. But we quickly learned that Mexico has laws that we don’t have here in the States. To say that we’ve been asked to jump through a bunch of hoops would be a huge understatement. And just when we think we’ve completed all of the paperwork that is needed, we get asked for more.

Beyond all of that, since the tequila has to be sent to Canada where our products are bottled, we have to deal with their laws too. One document was sent to us all in Spanish. We had to send that to our bottler whose main language is French. When he finally was able to get everything signed, it had to be notarized (which apparently takes weeks in Canada) and then sent to the Mexican consulate up there for approval. Somehow it got lost there (yes we are going crazy) and that delayed things further.

So the good news is that all of the paperwork has been completed and is now in the hands of a lawyer in Mexico. We were told it could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months until the paperwork is approved and they are allowed to ship to us.

Nothing will excite us more to tell you when the Paloma is ready. In fact, you will hear us screaming it from the rooftops. Please keep checking back because we will post something as soon as it’s available.

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