Crafthouse Cocktails: Who We Are, What We Do & Why

Birthed from a desire to share the same high-quality cocktails being served from behind the world’s top drinking establishments, Crafthouse is part mixology and completely quality.

Crafthouse PalomaWhat’s mixology? It’s the science/art of balancing cocktails that adhere to the same standards applied to cuisine by high-level chefs around the world. Every ingredient and process matters, both as far as quality and flavor. These intricately sourced components are then combined using the results of rigorous testing conducted by Crafthouse co-founder and highly-esteemed professional bartender, Charles Joly. We’ll be working with a slew of top mixologists and couldn’t be more proud to kick off Crafthouse with Joly’s recipes and have him overseeing future contributing Crafthouse mixologists, as well.

Experiencing Joly’s work behind the bar, Crafthouse co-founder Matt Lindner was inspired to bring premium cocktails to both those of you who already enjoy a mixologist-constructed cocktail AND those interested in trying one for the first time. One thing we can tell you with assurance, the same ingredients and final product you’ll enjoy when drinking a Crafthouse Cocktail are what Joly and other professional bartenders are serving from behind the bar. “I don’t ever pull punches,” says Joly. “What you’ll taste in a Crafthouse is as close to what you’d get if you were standing in front of me at the bar–that’s something that was set in stone from the beginning.”

Our product is all natural regardless of expense. We don’t skimp and that adds up, but we strongly believe in quality over quantity. We believe in the integrity of our ingredients, our process and our final product.

We also believe in the human palate, that great decider of what tastes and flavors each individual human relies upon. We’re relying on Joly’s palate, one of the most talented and well-trained tasters in the country. It is his and the other mixologists we’ll be working with over time that sets Crafthouse apart, but it’s their palates doing all the hard work. During that process, and after, we also pay attention to how our product is received by your palate–and we think you’ll taste integrity in every drink.

In the end, let us worry about the recipes and the science behind it. All you need to do is drink and enjoy! We’ll be covering these Crafthouse components here in this blog space, so keep an eye on us here, on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you soon!

Signed: The Crafthouse Team

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