Who is making your bottled cocktail?

Companies that call themselves craft bottled cocktail companies seem to be popping up all over lately.  One thing we’ve noticed is that they mostly seem to be made by corporations or people with no real experience in the bar industry.

We just finished our most recent production run of Paloma, Moscow Mule and Southside. Every batch is made and tasted by Charles Joly before it goes in to a bottle.  Our production process is pretty solid, but there are always tweaks so it meets to Charles’ high standards.  Plainly speaking, if he’s not happy with it, we won’t produce it and you won’t see it on a shelve.

Charles was the 2014 world bartender of the year and is well known for his palate and strict standards.  The photo you see is from our most recent production when he adjusted the heat level on our Moscow Mule from the ginger.


Many of the other products we see out there appear to be made in a board room with bottom line being the number one consideration.  Our first thoughts are on taste and delivering as close to a bar quality offering as possible.  That’s why we only use real ingredients, actual spirits instead of alcohol flavoring (as some companies do) and incorporate a longer production process that allows for the best end result.

So as you go to the shelf and check out all of the offerings out there, ask yourself, who actually is making this?  With Crafthouse, it’s always a bartender and it always will be.


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