How long do our drinks last after they are opened?

We recently were asked by a customer how long a Paloma would last once it was opened. This is a question we get a lot.

Perhaps the best answer is it depends on how many people are with you and trying to beat you to the punch!

But if you are wondering how long an opened bottle will stay good at the end of an evening, the answer is the same for all of our cocktails. While we hope an open bottle won’t be around for this long, you should enjoy them within seven days or so for optimum freshness. You might lose a little of the spritz over the week, but the flavor will stay as fresh as day one.

Unopened bottles do not have to be refrigerated and shouldn’t be. Just pour over ice and enjoy it. But once a bottle has been opened and you are done drinking for the night, you should recap it and put it in the fridge.

Each bottle does have a “best buy” stamp on it and you will find that bottles from our first production run in July of 2013 are still good and will be for many more months.

But if you do have an un-opened or partially opened Crafthouse bottle, that’s really just a signal that you need to have a dinner party or a night cap or an after work drink, etc.

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