The next round of Crafthouse is on the way


We are so grateful for all of the support that we had. In July we made around 6,000 bottles of Moscow Mule and Southside and expected that would last us through the new year.

Well, you guys sure are thirsty because we’ve sold just about every bottle. So Charles Joly is putting the finishing touches on a new batch of Southside and Moscow Mule this week.

This project was conceived literally on the back of a cocktail napkin at the bar. We were constantly asked by customers how to make a Charles Joly-esque drink at home. Charles is a generous soul and would willingly write down his recipes, but those same people came back saying that they just couldn’t get it right and wanted to know what they were doing wrong.

Making a proper cocktail is really an art form and we were curious to see if we could bottle it, but keep it all natural, fresh tasting and similar to what you’d get behind the bar. Being low in calories and gluten free wasn’t one of our original goals, but that happened to work out too.

Fast forward and we should be in over 300 stores before Thanksgiving and if all goes to plan we’ll be in 10 more states next year. This is beyond our wildest dreams and none of it would be possible without you.

Crafthouse isn’t trying to replace the bartender and nothing beats a properly made beverage from a well trained mixologist. But if you can’t be at the bar, we hope that you’ll find that our products are the next best thing. And if you do head to the bar, we hope you’ll ask them to try their version of a Moscow Mule, Southside, Paloma or perhaps something you haven’t tasted before. There are tons of fantastic recipes out there.

And if you discover a new cocktail or already have a favorite, head to our facebook page ( or to @drinkcrafthouse on Twitter and let us know. We soon will be picking out our 4th offering to develop.

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