Crafthouse Cocktails Receives The Highest Tasting Ratings Ever


When we started our company, our goal was to create bar quality cocktails in a bottle. If you can’t make it to the bar, hopefully you can still have a great drink at your party, tailgate, dinner or anywhere else.

We knew we were facing an uphill battle of sorts. The category leaves something to be desired, to be polite. We didn’t want to only reset the bar- but create an entirely new category- a bottled cocktail you could be proud to serve your guests. Everything that we saw on the market seemed to be created in a boardroom with a focus on just profits, not quality. We not only wanted to change the experience of the drinker, but also the perception of what a bottled cocktail can be.

We are six months in to our adventure and recently submitted our drinks for review at the Beverage Tastings Institute (BTI). It’s a great group because they are truly independent and have built a reputation for pulling no punches on their ratings.

Our Southside received an 88 score and silver which tied the highest ever for a bottled cocktail.

The Paloma was scored as a 94 rating and gold medal, which was their highest rating ever. Until …

The Moscow Mule received a platinum award with a 96 rating. Last year BTI only gave five platinum awards in the US in all categories combined. All three cocktails were awarded as Best Buys.

This effort was over two years in the making and customer feedback and the BTI results have made it all worth it. It’s been six months so far and we can’t thank you enough for your support.

Links to the full ratings can be found here:

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