When will Crafthouse Cocktails launch?


Crafthouse has been two years in the making.  The reason that is true is because we were only going to launch a product if we felt that we could deliver a drink in a bottle that was close to as good as you could get from an experienced mixologist.

Beyond that, if it tasted good, it would also need a decent shelf life and be all natural.  It hasn’t been an easy process to make happen.  We tried numerous formulas.  Sometimes it tasted great, but wouldn’t last.  Other times it lasted, but the taste was just so-so.  It was our goal to do this right, not fast.

We were advised by some consultants that if we just added stuff like tequila flavoring or other artificial products, it would really speed things up.  We’d rather not have a business than have to do that.  Early this year we finally were able to deliver a formula that we feel you will love to drink, lasts long and we are proud to stand behind.  Our cofounder and cocktail designer, Charles Joly, has the highest of standards and would never put his name on something that he couldn’t be proud of.

After the formula was set, we had to submit it to the TTB which is a Federal agency that approves liquor recipes.  That process started right when the sequester happened, so we were put behind about two months.  Fortunately we have been approved.

We just ordered the materials needed to make our drinks.  The good news is that because they are all natural, there are only a few ingredients per cocktail.  Production has been scheduled for July 8th and we will start shipping them out a week later with the plans for them to be on shelves before the end of July.

We appreciate your patience, but like I said earlier, it’s important for us to do this right, not fast.  We hope that you will agree.

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