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Crafthouse Cocktails To Launch With the Paloma! Coming Soon!

Crafthouse La PalomaWhen deciding upon our initial cocktail line-up, after much testing, experimentation and opinion-gathering, the Paloma was at the top of the list (along with the Southside and Moscow Mule). Our version of this classic cocktail has been painstakingly handcrafted by Crafthouse co-founder and professional bartender Charles Joly and we predict that you’re going to love it.

In the Paloma, we use tequila, lime juice and our own house-made grapefruit soda. It’s refreshing, flavorful and representative of our style in terms of using quality ingredients and appeals to a wide audience. Ask most dedicated tequila bars what’s their most popular cocktail and the Paloma will usually follow right after the margarita. That is so for good reason, says Joly: “It’s incredibly refreshing, highlights the characteristics of the tequila, and lingers on the palate for a few very enjoyable seconds.”

The Tequila

We tasted countless tequilas to find the right one to use in our Paloma. We found the it in the heart of the agave growing region in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Situated in the actual town of Tequila and crafted by one of the oldest bodegas in the business, our 100-percent, pot-stilled blanco tequila had everything for which we were looking: bright citrus notes, warm, crisp roasted agave flavors and deep earthy tones coming together to create a perfect balance.

The Juice

This is important: Our Paloma contains a high percentage of actual fruit juice, not artificial juice “flavor.” It’s squeezed fresh, pasteurized and immediately frozen to retain freshness, then used in making the soda, a key ingredient of the Paloma.

The Soda

Using the same natural juice mentioned above, we make our own grapefruit soda, an integral component of the Paloma.

The Process

LaPaloma MuleJoly is crucial to Crafthouse for these two reasons (among many): his extraordinary palate and his admirable attention to detail. TheĀ  Paloma and our other out-of-the-gate cocktails were literally engineered in his kitchen. “I started making these drinks the way I’d make them in a bar, then broke them down analytically, measured everything out with graduated cylinders to the exact millimeter,” says Joly. “We want this cocktail to be poured on ice and taste great right out of the bottle and also ten minutes later, even if it’s watered down a bit.

“Anytime you shake a cocktail, you get anywhere from .5- to 1-ounce of water,” continues Joly. “I shook a lot of cocktails until I achieved exact amounts of ingredients–literally using graduated cylinders and figured out the average dilution I was getting until I got the taste where I wanted it, so there is some room for dilution added in to these cocktails. If you put other prepared, bottled cocktails on ice, in five to ten minutes they’ll be watered down, so our end product is indicative of the final product being served at a bar.”

Crafthouse PalomaAs a professional bartender with years of experience behind the bar, Joly even considers what kind of ice to use and how it affects the cocktail. For instance, “If our ice machine that produces large cubes goes down, we shake differently because there are a lot of things to think about that, if carried out correctly, will lead to the person enjoying it.”

We hope that person is you. We know you’ve educated your palate to expect more than mere intoxication from your cocktails. That’s why we’re here. We knew we could make something better, more authentic and with integrity and hope you feel we’ve done so in our version of the Paloma. “It’s a good cocktail and very few are doing it right,” finishes Joly. “I believe we are and hope you agree!”

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