Crafthouse Co-Founder Wins World Bartender of the Year


Congratulations to our own Charles Joly for winning 2014’s DIAGEO Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year!

Earning the title, meaning beating out 11,000 participants from fifty countries on terms of flair, skill, charisma and creativity, takes skill. After beating out Midwest regional finalists and taking the national title in June, Charles Joly headed to the last leg of the competition in Great Britain. In its fifth year, starting off in Scotland, and ending in London, the competition consisted of five days of nine challenges including food pairing, speed, written exams, and blind tastings.

While Charles had the attention of the esteemed judges from the first cocktail he served, it was his signature, Above the Clouds, served on the last day of the competition, and his welcome American charm that won them over.

It’s no surprise that after working in the industry for 17 years, Charles stood out from the final six, including bartenders from Italy, France, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. His knowledge, expertise, and character are what gave him the chance to hold the title of the Bartender of the Year for the next twelve months. Charles is the first American winner in the history of the competition.

So we raise a glass to our co-founder. We could not be prouder to have his name on our bottles. We’ve always felt that he was the best bartender in the world. This just affirms it. Cheers to you Charles!

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