Why is Crafthouse bottled in Canada?

Crafthouse Bottles

Someone who tried our drinks noticed that on the side of our bottle it says that it’s a product of Canada. They were curious why it says that since we are only available in Chicago and our company was started by two guys from the Chicago bar scene. There are a bunch of reasons that is true.

If you search for bottling companies in the United States, you will find a bunch. Once you add criteria that they can work with alcohol, most of them can’t help you. Of the ones that are left, most don’t handle carbonation which we use in our Moscow Mule. Others didn’t know how to bottle products that use all natural juices.

Beyond all of that, we are a small company. We are basically two guys with a dream. These drinks were created at the bar and in our kitchen, not in a boardroom. So when you go to most of the bottlers that we had to choose from, they are not interested in taking the time and care that we need to achieve our goal of making a real cocktail, made the real way, just packaged in a bottle. They also aren’t interested in spending the extra time that it takes to make our products all natural while still keeping a reasonable shelf life.

One specifically told us to scrap being all natural and instead use additives. Those types of drinks already exist. Our goal was to make a product that will taste just like it would if we made it for you at the bar. But we also wanted to make it in the same way. If we couldn’t do that, we wouldn’t put our name on the product.

It took about two years to come up with the right formula and a bottler who would take the extra time needed to make things right. We ended up finding a small, brother owned, craft hard cider bottler in Montreal that was comfortable with our ingredients and nimble enough to take on our additional requirements. It’s honestly a logistical nightmare at times, but when we tasted our first bottle we realized that it was well worth it.

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