Who is making your bottled cocktail?

Companies that call themselves craft bottled cocktail companies seem to be popping up all over lately.  One thing we’ve noticed is that they mostly seem to be made by corporations or people with no real experience in the bar industry. We just finished our most recent production run of Paloma, Moscow Mule and Southside. Every batch is made and tasted by Charles Joly before it […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails Hits The Court With The NBA

We are pleased to announce that our all natural, gluten free, bottled cocktails are now available in multiple NBA arenas.  So far the list includes the defending champs the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons.  We have additional teams that we will soon announce a partnership with. For 2015 we are in talks with numerous Major League Baseball teams and we […]

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Looking for a great Halloween cocktail?

While our cocktails taste like they were just made at the bar, we are not trying to replace the bartender or discourage at home mixologists from making great creations.  If you don’t want to make your own drinks at your party, you turn to us. On the other hand, if you do want to make drinks for your guests, we are big enthusiasts of doing […]

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Crafthouse Co-Founder Wins World Bartender of the Year

charles joly

Congratulations to our own Charles Joly for winning 2014’s DIAGEO Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year! Earning the title, meaning beating out 11,000 participants from fifty countries on terms of flair, skill, charisma and creativity, takes skill. After beating out Midwest regional finalists and taking the national title in June, Charles Joly headed to the last leg of the competition in Great Britain. In […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails are now in Ohio and other big news


It’s been a crazy busy month for us. After mulling over a few different states to expand to, we decided to head east and bring our all natural cocktails to Ohio. Our co-founder, Matt Lindner, went to school in Ohio and has spent a lot of time in Columbus and Cleveland. Both of those cities have similar qualities to Chicago and the people there really […]

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Wednesday Night in Chicago Just Got Better


Crafthouse Cocktails has partnered up with CheekyChicago, an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to the women of Chicago, to help bring our drinks to your night out. Every Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to win a hand-delivered bottle of one of our drinks while dining at a Chicago BYOB restaurant. Your Wednesday nights just got better! Sound good? Here’s all you need to do: from […]

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Seven Questions We Get About Crafthouse Cocktails


Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or cocktail soirée with Crafthouse as the celebrity guest, sipping on the cocktails at an event, or sampling them for the first time at your favorite retailer; knowing the story and craftsmanship that went into creating these three classic craft cocktails brings with it a sense of familiarity, authenticity and respect between the brand and its consumers. With all […]

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Hey Chicago, what cocktails will be at your Super Bowl party?


The last thing you want to do as a party host is to spend the whole game making drinks for other people and missing out on all of the excitement (and commercials!). The last thing you want to do as a party guest is bring the same boring bottle of wine that everyone else does. That’s where Crafthouse comes. Our three bottled cocktails are bar […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails Receives The Highest Tasting Ratings Ever


When we started our company, our goal was to create bar quality cocktails in a bottle. If you can’t make it to the bar, hopefully you can still have a great drink at your party, tailgate, dinner or anywhere else. We knew we were facing an uphill battle of sorts. The category leaves something to be desired, to be polite. We didn’t want to only […]

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Great cocktails you can make at home

Crafthouse Cocktails founder and James Beard Award winner, Charles Joly, was asked by Maxim Magazine to create videos on making cocktails in your own kitchen. These two videos with “Hometown Hottie” winner April Rose provide some great tips. And if you don’t want to make your own drink, but want a bar quality cocktail, click on our “where to buy” link at the top of […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails are now in Michigan!


We were approached by a handful of specialty shops in Michigan and you can now find our products in eight stores in our neighbor to the east.  How can you not “Say Yes to Michigan.”  We will be adding more stores in the future, but for now, here is a list of where we are available.  Check http://crafthousecocktails.com/where-to-buy/ at any time to see if there is a store in […]

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The next round of Crafthouse is on the way


We are so grateful for all of the support that we had. In July we made around 6,000 bottles of Moscow Mule and Southside and expected that would last us through the new year. Well, you guys sure are thirsty because we’ve sold just about every bottle. So Charles Joly is putting the finishing touches on a new batch of Southside and Moscow Mule this […]

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Tastings of All Natural Crafthouse Cocktails by Charles Joly


Did you miss out on the free United Airlines tickets last week?  We did too.  But it’s still not too late to get something without paying for it.  We are going to be sampling our Moscow Mule and Southside at a bunch of places over the next month.  The full list of confirmed dates is below.  And unlike United, we won’t change our mind.  We […]

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Crafthouse Bottled Cocktails Hit Shelves

  The following story is from chicagoist.com and gives a great overview on why we came up with these products and why we think people will enjoy them. We are at the middle of the outdoor concert season at places like Millennium Park and Ravinia. While we certainly can join in with our fellow concertgoers drinking wine and beer with our picnic fare, it has always been our secret wish […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails was featured in Crain’s


The following story appeared in Crain’s: Two local nightlife veterans are launching a line of commercial bottled cocktails next week. Crafthouse Cocktails is the brainchild of Aviary beverage director Charles Joly, who won a James Beard Award in May and is a finalist for American bartender of the year at Tales of the Cocktails’ Spirited Awards in New Orleans on July 20, and Matt Lindner, […]

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Nine reasons you’ll love Crafthouse Cocktails

Crafthouse is just weeks away from launching in Chicago area liquor stores and through online sales.  Here are nine reasons why we think you’ll love them. They are all natural.  No preservatives of any kind. They taste great.  In fact, you will find that our cocktails are as close as you can get to having a mixologist make them for you. Our Moscow Mule is made […]

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When will Crafthouse Cocktails launch?

Crafthouse has been two years in the making.  The reason that is true is because we were only going to launch a product if we felt that we could deliver a drink in a bottle that was close to as good as you could get from an experienced mixologist. Beyond that, if it tasted good, it would also need a decent shelf life and be […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails: Tequila Straight From The Source–Tequila!


When Crafthouse Cocktails co-founders Charles Joly and Matt Lindner started casting about for a tequila to use in our intricately-researched the Paloma, it needed to be a spirit that exuded the essential qualities of authentic Mexican tequila. This meant working with a distillery in Tequila, of course. And all paths led to the Orendain Lopez brothers, owners and operators of Autentica Tequileria and Tierras Tequila. […]

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Outstanding Bar! Charles Joly & The Aviary Win James Beard Award

Charles Joly Mixologist

Big night for Crafthouse Cocktails last night! Our co-founder, Charles Joly, brought home a James Beard Award for “Outstanding Bar Program” with the team at The Aviary. Nominated alongside fellow top-notch Chicago cocktail lounge, The Violet Hour, this only makes obvious to the rest of the planet what we already know: Chicago’s professional bartenders are among the best in the world. As you know if […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails To Launch With the Paloma! Coming Soon!

Crafthouse La Paloma

When deciding upon our initial cocktail line-up, after much testing, experimentation and opinion-gathering, the Paloma was at the top of the list (along with the Southside and Moscow Mule). Our version of this classic cocktail has been painstakingly handcrafted by Crafthouse co-founder and professional bartender Charles Joly and we predict that you’re going to love it. In the Paloma, we use tequila, lime juice and […]

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Meet Crafthouse Co-Founder & Head Bartender, Charles Joly

Charles Joly Mixologist

We wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our co-founder, curator, and all-around professional bartender/mixologist, Charles Joly. A co-founder of Crafthouse along with his long-time colleague, Matt Lindner, Joly oversees all beverage-related aspects of Crafthouse. Our first three offerings (Moscow Mule, Paloma, Southside) are all classic cocktails with recipes painstakingly sculpted by Joly to work in the bottle, at your home, or wherever […]

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Crafthouse Cocktails: Who We Are, What We Do & Why

Crafthouse CoFounders

Birthed from a desire to share the same high-quality cocktails being served from behind the world’s top drinking establishments, Crafthouse is part mixology and completely quality. What’s mixology? It’s the science/art of balancing cocktails that adhere to the same standards applied to cuisine by high-level chefs around the world. Every ingredient and process matters, both as far as quality and flavor. These intricately sourced components […]

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